The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

Based in both present day London as well as 1800s London, the lives of two women somehow intersect despite hundreds of years. Caroline, the “present-day” London character, is going through a complicated time in her current relationship. She worries about her husband’s fidelity to the point it is adversely effecting her life. Nella, the “1800s” London character, has similar issues in her personal life and take matters into her own hands with the apothecary she runs. She also helps other women in similar situations.

I really enjoyed this book! I have read books like this before where flashbacks in time happen and I am normally not a huge fan of them because they tend to be hard to follow. The Lost Apothecary, however, I feel is easy to follow throughout the novel. It also helps it was a really exciting read!

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