About Me

Hello, my name is Sarah! I am an avid reader of many genres, a special education teacher at a high school in New Jersey, USA and a little obsessed with true crime shows, books and podcasts! I have my B.A. in English Literature and Special Education from Kean University and I recently earned my M.Ed in reading and literacy from Georgian Court University. As soon as I have taught for two years, I can become a certified reading specialist. I find that getting students to read can be a challenging task at times in today’s English classes. I hope that teachers as well as students find my reviews and they will become motivated to read. I live in New Jersey, USA with my husband Mike and our spoiled cats, Chloe Ann and Ophelia Jane.

Besides aimlessly wandering through a bookstore, reading backs of books and book jackets to find my next great read, I also find a lot of amazing books through Book of the Month Club. For those of you not familiar with them, they are a monthly subscription box where you chose from a variety of genres and titles and they mail the book right to your door! It is awesome for those times when you want to read something, but you have no idea what you want to read. If you decide that you don’t want a book for the month, you can skip that month and the credits carry over to the next month…how great is that?! I created a link on the homepage if you are interested in checking them out for yourself!

I really hope you enjoy reading my reviews! I would love to hear your thoughts…please comment on the posts or email me at bookwormsdelight1@gmail.com. Happy reading!

Mike and Chloe Ann
Me and Ophelia Jane, our newest addition!