A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

Naturally, as soon as I read the title of the book, I had to read it! As I have mentioned in my other posts, anything to do with some kind of crime, mystery, and murder is a book I have to be privy to. Good Girl’s Guide is no exception. This book has some twists and turns that can leave you with whiplash and I also had to pick my jaw up off the floor a few times. A must-read!

In order for high school senior Pippa Fitz-Amobi to graduate from Fairview High School, she has to complete a capstone project. Within the past few years in her small Connecticut community, beautiful, popular Andie Bell was murder by her boyfriend Sal Singh, who them killed himself, taking secrets of the crime with him. Now that Pip is a senior, she wants to re-examine a crime that has shaken her small town to the core for so many years. At first, she believes that she will just highlight some inconsistencies in the story, but soon Pip realizes there is a lot more to this story such as lies and danger. Her investigation turns into more than just an assignment: it turns into an obsession that she is willing to stand in harm’s way for to get the truth.

Good Girl’s Guide is another one of those books that is geared towards the YA audience, (another selling point for me) but it can be very easily picked up by an adult and enjoyed nonetheless. This novel moves quickly and is suspenseful. Good news for book lovers like me…there are two more books to read in the series! I am very excited to dive into them and blog about them next!

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