Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins

After reading the summary of this book, I thought it was the plot of a crappy MTV or TLC reality TV show on an island. Stunning 20-somethings find their way on a deserted island. That is part of the summary that was provided. I figured I would give it a shot. There are certainly different aspects of the novel that played out like a bad reality TV show, but within the suspense and mystery throughout, it makes for an awesome read that you cannot put down until the last page.

The novel begins with Lux, a cleaning lady who works in a 5 star resort nestled in Hawaii’s main island. While her and her coworker Maia come across some…interesting…things on a couple’s bed, they start to laugh and joke around. When Lux decides to make a crude comment about the couples sexual escapades and the couple just so happens to come into the room, Lux is fired on the spot. This leave Lux unemployed and craving some kind of adventure. Lux’s boyfriend Nico works at one of Hawaii’s many marinas repairing other people’s boats when in fact, he should be more focused on repairing his own named the Susannah, according to Lux. When Nico is at work one day and is offered to sail these two girls, Brittany and Amma, out to a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for $50,000 for a two week getaway, he gladly accepts. There is one catch: Meroe Island is known for its “swallowing up” visitors to the island. It was used as a WWII landing strip and the soldiers that were stationed there vanished and terrible rumors began to circulate about what happened to them. Lux is, however, still thrilled because he will finally fix the Susannah and they can go on adventures on their own like Nico had promised her after they return. Lux is even more thrilled because while out to drinks with Nico and the girls, Lux is invited to come along. Finally! The adventure she has been waiting for!

Once the Susannah anchors at Meroe Island, the group believes they have finally found paradise. A deserted island all their own for a few weeks. The same day that they set an anchor, another catamaran Azure Sky comes and decides to stay. Fortunately, Jake and Eliza, the occupants of the Azure Sky, are very friendly and prove to be very good party hosts. It is only when a third boat docks with its unusual occupant Robbie, unbelievable things start to happen on the island. There are instances where the truth is stranger than fiction and sometimes there is no telling the difference between the two.

This book is sexy, suspenseful, and exciting up until the very end! The twists and turns are incredible and will literally leave you saying “Holy crap!” Highly recommended!

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