Howl for the classroom from Today, Tonight, Tomorrow

In the novel Today, Tonight, Tomorrow, one of the final goals for Rowan and Neil was to beat each other in a game of Howl, the scavenger hunt-type game that all seniors play that takes over the city of Seattle, WA. The game is organized by that year’s junior class and clues are sent via text message to all of the participants throughout the game. In the process of finding the items on the list as fast as possible, students also have to careful because each of their classmates has a name of another classmate and as soon as you are found by that person and the blue flag is ripped from your arm, you “die”. This year’s prize: bragging rights and $5,000.

I imagine that this can be incorporated into the classroom one of two ways: it can be virtual (like a psedo-WebQuest) or it can be done in person in the classroom. It could also be fun for an English teacher who has multiple classes on the same level can play Howl throughout their classes. Or, better yet, two English teachers who teach the same level can play Howl in their respective classes. One class can have the other class’ names to compete with. Naturally, both classes would have had to read the book as well as understand the point of the game Howl. Because of the flexibility of the game, it can be modified to meet the needs of all the learners in your class!

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