Aftercare Instructions by Bonnie Pipkin

During my undergrad studies at Kean University, one of my favorite classes was YA literature. Not only does the genre appeal to me because of its readability (and it was a required course to get my degree), but my professor Bonnie Pipkin was such an amazing lecturer and had so much passion for the genre as well. While I was her student, she was saying how she was in the middle of writing her novel of her own and first YA novel. I promised her that I would purchase the book when it was published. You can call me a teacher’s pet…don’t worry! It would not be the first time! Sure enough, she posted on her Facebook that it was completed and was available on Amazon. I immediately purchased it and loved it! All of the topics are very relevant to young adults and are sure to be a hit for any teenage bookworm! Also, it’s set in a small town in NJ, which is close to home (for some!)

Genesis is a teenager who is “troubled”, but finds peace with her boyfriend Peter. Her world is turned upside down when Peter abandons Gen at a Planned Parenthood clinic to end an unwanted pregnancy. In order to find herself, she has to revisit some painful memories of her past, heal from them, and move on. She also finds herself in some less than desirable places throughout the novel, but she ultimately finds her way.

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